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About Us


LF Mobile LifeSaving Courses, LLC was established to provide lifesaving training in a mobile format to as many individuals and groups as possible. We are committed to delivering high quality instruction as a means of increasing the chance of survival for those in need.


Statistics show that 70% of Americans either don't know or have forgotten how to do CPR and that the average response time for EMS to arrive is between 8-12 minutes. As a result of both, more and more lives are lost each day.  LF Mobile LifeSaving Courses, LLC will strive to reach those that have not been trained or forgotten one class at a time.

LF Mobile LifeSaving Courses, LLC is owned and operated by a certified American Heart Association instructor and Registered Nurse with over 15 years experience. Established June 2016.

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Instructor: Leatriece G. Franklin, MSN, RN, BC

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